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Which Pet Care Franchise Opportunities Have the Quickest Ramp-Up Time?

Posted on Apr 13th 2022


Which Pet Care Franchise Opportunities Have the Quickest Ramp-Up Time?

Are you a dog lover? Have you always wanted to start your own dog training facility but haven't gotten around to it? If you are, you have made the first step. Not everyone is gifted with the love and patience required to train dogs. Not everyone can run a dog training establishment.

The pet care industry has exploded in recent years. According to Global Market Insights, the pet care market is expected to reach $350 billion by 2027. Here is your chance to do something you love and earn some money. There is a boom in demand for dog training services. Now is your best opportunity to invest in the industry. If you don't have any experience, you need not worry. There are experts to help you out.

Low Investment with the Quickest Ramp-up Time

As a Franchise Owner, your first concern would be on how much capital you need and the return on investment. How do you choose the best pet franchise with so many companies offering dog franchises for sale?

The best dog training franchise requires low investment and has the quickest ramp-up time. Dog Training Elite Work-From-Home franchise opportunity has a low investment starting at $82,800 with high revenue potential.

DTE operates on a home-based business franchise model, which means they perform the training sessions in their client's homes. As a Franchise Owner, this is a great advantage because you don't need to have a physical facility. You don't have to think about monthly bills and costs of operation like rent, inventory, payroll, building, or office maintenance.

Since you don't have to operate a brick-and-mortar facility, you will have a low overhead which means faster returns on investment. After you sign the agreement to be a DTE Franchise Owner, you can get your dog franchise business up and running in four to six weeks.

Lifestyle-Friendly Franchise Opportunity

DTE makes it possible for you to operate several territories. In fact, 80 percent of its Franchise Owners own multiple territories! You just need to pay the additional Franchise fee, marketing, and trainer to cover the area. There's always room for expansion.

See quick return from your investment with Dog Training Elite.

If you don't want to be hands-on in your dog training business, you don't have to. The DTE Franchise opportunity is a lifestyle-friendly business. As a Franchise Owner, you can run the business on a semi-absentee basis. Just assign a lead trainer in place, and that's it. You have the option to keep your current job and have a dog training business at the same time.

The DTE Franchise Owner advantage

When you are a DTE Franchise Owner, you have the assurance that you are investing in a proven business model. DTE has many successful Franchise Owners across the country, and you are doing what they are exactly doing. Be secure knowing you're on the right path following the successful in-home training model perfected by DTE Founder John Mestas and his team.

Of course, like all other businesses, there is always a risk, and you as the business owner will have to do the work and make things happen. DTE nurtured its Franchise Owners with world-class training and continued support.

A Look at the Pet Industry Statistics

You may ask just how profitable is the pet industry market. Let's look at some statistics. The American Pet Products Association survey showed that about 69 million households in the United States own a dog, the highest percentage of 90.5 million homes surveyed.

In 2021, pet owners spent $109.6 billion on various pet expenses. Of that amount, $8.1 billion was spent on services like pet boarding, grooming, pet sitting and walking, training, and others, excluding veterinary care. This means the market for dog franchise opportunities is thriving.

Other Profitable Dog Businesses Ventures

There are many business ventures you can pick out that revolve around dogs. You get a double reward for doing what you love and earning money. Here are other profitable dog-focused business ventures:

You have to train if you want to become a dog groomer. Dog grooming will always be needed as more people turn to owning dogs and needing care. Americans spend from $50-$300 an hour for pet grooming.

You might not think about it, but you can earn some money walking other people's dogs. Many dog owners don't have the time to take their dogs out for walks.

Many dog owners would prefer to leave their dogs at their homes with someone if they have to go away. This way, dogs won't get stressed in a new environment, and neither do the owners. This is where you, as a dog sitter, come in.

A dog kennel is where dog owners can leave their dogs safe when they are away. Dogs get a place to rest, get fed and exercise, and socialize with other dogs. You will need a place, insurance, licenses, and additional requirements to get your business going.

Suppose you are a veterinarian or know one who would be interested in working with you. In that case, a mobile clinic is a good business venture. This will be very convenient for people who have busy schedules or can't drive to the vet's clinic.

Dog owners are always looking for goodies to buy for their pets, whether organic dog treats and foods or pet accessories. You can venture into baking and selling your own organic dog treats and food.

You can make accessories like dog clothes, tags, collars, leashes, and others on your own, or buy them in bulk from another seller and resell them at a mark-up. According to 2022 statistics, 69 percent of millennials will choose natural and organic products for their pets. Over 50% of U.S. cat and dog owners give their pets a Christmas gift or treat.

Start Your Dream Career as a Franchise Owner

Are you ready to make a difference in your life? Dog Training Elite could be the investment you've been dreaming of. DTE will help you in your journey to a fun and profitable pet business opportunity. Visit DTE's Franchise Information page to get started now.

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