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Pros and Cons of Virtual Dog Training: Apps Versus In-Person Training

Posted on Jun 21st 2022

Every dog owner in the world wants a puppy that is properly trained and well behaved. However, American adults are working more each year than residents in any other country. As a result of this, some owners have begun to explore other, more unique ways to train their dogs. Click to learn more about the future of virtual dog training!

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A Greater Feeling of Independence: Why Service Dogs are Beneficial to Owners and the Community

Posted on Jun 20th 2022

Many studies have showcased the health benefits of these furry friends, such as lowered stress levels, improved happiness, and an increase in fitness. Beyond our domestic pets, dogs can make valuable service animals and help aid those with disabilities with specific tasks. During the last ten years, the demand for service dogs has grown, so what is a service dog, and why are they important assets to our communities?

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These Educators Found Their PAW-fect Match with US!

Posted on May 23rd 2022

Dog Training Elite has a brand new location in Chicago, Illinois! Katie and Tim Matt are the newest members of the Dog Training Elite family, and we got to hear a lot about their journey towards dog franchise ownership in a recent interview! This couple has worked in similar industries and spent time around dogs together for quite some time.

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Pet versus Parenthood: Why More People are Choosing Dogs Over Kids

Posted on May 19th 2022

When it comes to deciding between pets and children, there are a variety of reasons why people choose dogs over newborns, especially in the aftermath of a pandemic.

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Meet New Owner Justin Collett

Posted on May 19th 2022

We’ve got a new Franchise Owner that has joined the Dog Training Elite team. We’re very excited to welcome Justin Collett and his new Columbia, South Carolina location! Get in touch with our corporate team today to learn more about our exciting franchising opportunities.

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