Dog Training Elite: Fastest Growing Pet Franchise

Posted on Apr 27th 2023

Dog training has become a booming industry in recent years, with many companies and individuals offering their services to pet owners. However, some dog training companies have managed to stand out and achieve national success. In this article, we will explore why we, Dog Training Elite, have expanded nationwide so quickly and successfully.

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Learn More About Our Franchise!

Posted on Mar 30th 2023

Think you want to be a part of our ever-growing family? Want to make a difference in client’s lives by strengthening the bond between them and their dog? Check out our franchising page to get the process started!

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Dog Training Elite - Our Pet Franchise is Making Headlines!

Posted on Feb 17th 2023

What’s it like to own a thriving dog training business in the surging pet care industry in 2023? If you are part of the Dog Training Elite family, you can expect your pet franchise to find itself front and center in the local news pretty often.

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2023 is the Year for Dog Training Elite Pet Franchise

Posted on Jan 24th 2023

With the goal of turning your disobedient pup into the goodest boy on the block, Dog Training Elite offers customers innovative, in-home dog obedience services. Using decades of training experience, John and his team of experts began fine-tuning the training method that would eventually make Dog Training Elite pet franchise a huge success in the coming years.

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Taylor Newton is Our Newest Owner in the Pack!

Posted on Aug 29th 2022

We are so excited to welcome Westchester, Pennsylvania’s own Taylor Newton as the newest Dog Training Elite family member!

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