What is the Best Pet Business to Start?

Starting a pet business doesn’t just have to be a dream. The Pet Industry is a surprisingly stable and prosperous business field. In fact, pet spending reached an incredible $95.7 billion just last year. Pet expenses are considered essential to many families as dogs and cats are seen as family members. This gives great opportunity to entrepreneurs that enjoy animals, because the pet industry covers a wide variety of segments. From pet food and doggie bakeries to training schools and pet boarding companies, how do you know which is the best pet business to start?

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While profit is an important thing to consider, you should also think about ease of operations and start up costs. A large pet store like PetSmart might bring in billions of dollars in profit annually, but the overall costs of running a business that large are incredibly high. Smaller, niche businesses are a better place to start. Things like dog training, dog boarding, or dog grooming are a better choice than a pet store or pet food retail.

Another factor to consider is experience. Opening any type of business requires experience, industry knowledge and start up costs. With limited background or training, it can be difficult to get a start in the pet industry. Unless you’ve worked with a dog grooming or training company before, opening your own business can be difficult. But, with a dog training franchise, you can overstep these difficulties and still reap the benefits!

How Much Does It Cost?

$82,800-104,750* Investment Range

$49,000* Franchise Fee

$50,000* Required Liquid Capital

*Numbers obtained from our 2021 FDD

Why Franchise?

It’s clear that the pet industry is a great option for those in search of a new career. Here is why franchising is one of the best pet businesses to start:

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Franchising typically is less expensive than a startup venture. Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners can open their very own business for as low as $82,800* .

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When you join a franchise, half of the work is already done! You don't need to worry about building a successful business model from the ground up. Dog Training Elite is a dog training franchise with over 8 locations and more than four decades of experience. We have already built a successful training business model, we just need your help in operating at a new location!

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Entrepreneurs that join a franchise receive the benefits of a structured business model, a corporate support team, and professional training.

Why Dog Training Elite

While the niche career opportunities available in the pet industry are various, dog training is a great option. Since every dog owner wants to build a healthy, loyal bond with their pet, dog training is an essential expense and in high demand. If you have ever thought about starting a dog training business, Dog Training Elite is the place to start.

With decades of experience, multiple established locations, an incredible AUV and top-level training programs, Dog Training Elite is one of the best dog training franchises in the industry. We are looking for qualified entrepreneurs to join our ever expanding team. Get started today.

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