Preparing for the Future The Best Franchise to Purchase

Learn the Best Franchise to Purchase for Your Future

It’s never too early to think about your future. Perhaps you want to spend more time with your family, or on your hobbies. Maybe you’re thinking about retirement but still want a reliable source of income.

Whatever your goals for the future, the right kind of franchise can put you on the path to achieving them. We’ve created this guide to help you decide the best franchise to purchase for your future.

This Dog Training Elite owner and her pup are preparing for retirement with the best franchise to purchase.

Franchising as a Retirement Plan

Investing in a franchise can be a lucrative way to earn a passive income during your retirement. Many Americans find they can’t afford to retire when they want to. At Dog Training Elite, we offer a semi–absentee franchise model that is perfect for people who want or need income but also want to enjoy their retirement.

If you’re not ready to retire yet, but want to work on financially preparing to retire, purchasing a Dog Training Elite franchise is a smart investment. The pet care industry continues to grow, and our Franchise Owners see over $100,000 in net profits annually. With no need to rent a physical location, more of that money can go to you—and your retirement.

Benefits of Franchising

Starting a new business is difficult, expensive, and full of risk. When you franchise, you cut out most, if not all, of that risk because you become part of a business that has a proven business model, a loyal customer base, and corporate support.

At Dog Training Elite, we provide you with all the training you need to run your business. We’ll provide marketing materials to help you get the word out about your new business. After you’ve opened, we’ll still be available to provide answers and support with whatever you need as you navigate life as a business owner.

One of the benefits of franchising is the training and support you receive, like this Dog Training Elite owner.

Because you’re joining an established business rather than starting one from scratch, you’ll see a quicker return on your investment. You also can have the flexibility you want. If you want to be hands–on, working with dogs, you can do that. If you’d rather take a back seat and hire a lead trainer to work with dogs and customers, you can do that too.

On top of less stress and quicker ROIs, by becoming a Dog Training Elite Franchise Owner, you’ll be joining the thriving pet care industry, which has proven to be recession–resistant. People love their pets. If flexibility and a steady income sound like the kind of retirement plan for you, Dog Training Elite is the option for you.

"I was working for an international company. I was just another number to them. I thought, 'I don't want to go back to work for somebody.' I decided I wanted to train dogs professionally."

Learn how Dog Training Elite Founder John Mestas turned his 40-year passion for training dogs into a successful business.

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Why Franchise with Dog Training Elite

Unlike most dog training franchises, opening your own Dog Training Elite location does not require finding a building to rent. The foundation of our business is in–home training, so all you have to do is hire a team. This helps keep initial investment costs low. You can choose to expand to a physical location as your business grows or stick to the in–home model.

If you’re hesitant because you aren’t a dog lover or don’t own a dog, don’t be. With the semi–absentee franchise model, you’ll be completely hands–off and let your trainers work with dogs while you handle the business side of things. Of course, if it’s always been your dream to take your dog to work with you every day, Dog Training Elite is perfect too!

There are many reasons why Dog Training Elite is the best franchise to purchase, but one of our favorite reasons is that we are more than just a dog training business. We help dog owners build deep, trusting bonds with their dogs. By improving the relationships between dogs and their owners, we benefit our communities.

As a Dog Training Elite Franchise Owner, you’ll be an integral part of serving the people and pets of your community. You can work with local shelters to host adoption events and do the important work of teaching people how to care for their four–legged friends. We also work with the Malinois Foundation to pair service dogs with veterans, so your work goes beyond your own community.

Make Dog Training Elite Part of Your Future Today

If you’re planning for the future, becoming a Franchise Owner with Dog Training Elite is a smart choice. It’s a good investment that will give you the flexibility you want and make a positive difference in your community.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and request our franchise report to learn more about this opportunity. Your future awaits!

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