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Have you been searching for good jobs for ex-nurses? Look no further, Dog Training Elite is the perfect option! Our franchise is an excellent opportunity if you have past work experience as a nurse.

You might ask yourself, what if I don't have any pet experience? Don’t worry; you do not need any pet experience to run a dog training franchise! The Dog Training Elite franchise model means you can hire a team you trust to take care of the dog training while you focus on the business. Are you worried about a lack of business experience? When you become a Dog Training Elite Franchise Owner, you receive all the training you need. Plus, you may be surprised to realize how your skills as a nurse crossover to owning a business. Let's explore the similarities between being a good nurse and a good business owner.

"I was working for an international company. I was just another number to them. I thought, 'I don't want to go back to work for somebody.' I decided I wanted to train dogs professionally."

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Why Nurses Make Good Business Owners Dog Training Elite - Good Jobs for Ex Nurses

There are many reasons why becoming a business owner is one of the best opportunities for ex nurses out there. Here are just a few of the skills you’ve developed as a nurse that will readily transfer to being a business owner:

The ability to effectively communicate with your fellow nurses and doctors to take care of your patients is essential. Nothing good would happen if nurses could not pass along information and details in an understandable way. To be a good business owner, you must communicate concisely and effectively to keep things running smoothly. Past work experience as a nurse will make doing that easy!
When inserting an IV, hesitating and being unsure of yourself does not make for a good nurse; it’s also uncomfortable and possibly unsafe for the patient! As a business owner, you need confidence in yourself and your abilities to get things done.
As a nurse, you constantly meet new people like patients, doctors, nurses, and other employees. Because of this, you know how to interact and connect with pretty much anyone. When owning a business, you need to do the same thing. Networking is essential to running your own business, and a nursing background makes it much more doable.
When starting a franchise, you will run into all kinds of situations that require some creative problem-solving. Thinking on your toes and resolving problems quickly and effectively is a desired skill for business owners. As a nurse, you are problem–solving all day—taking care of patients, administering medication, and working with doctors to provide the best care. Both nurses and business owners need to be skilled at problem–solving.
Professionalism in any job is highly regarded and desired. Business owners have a level of professionalism that keeps them business–minded and grounded. Nurses must stay professional too, but warm at the same time to not alienate their patients. That perfect mixture of warmth and professionalism is ideal for running your own business.
Being able to adapt quickly to new situations is crucial for a nurse. The same goes for a business owner. If you want to run your own business but can’t handle something new that comes up, you simply won’t make it. Ex–nurses make great business owners for this reason.
Everyone knows nurses are some of the hardest–working people out there. You are constantly helping people, putting out fires, and positively impacting patients' lives. You could not be a nurse if you didn't have a strong work ethic. You also need a strong work ethic to own your own business. You may not save lives daily, but a good business owner can still have a tremendous positive impact on people's lives through work ethic.
Wherever you work, there will most likely be a system to follow. Nurses follow all kinds of critical systems to keep people healthy and alive. When starting your own franchise, there are systems set up for your success, and following those systems will help you succeed as a business owner.
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