Dog Training Elite: A Pet Business for Sale

Those interested in a dog training career will be happy to learn that professionals who can offer such training are in high demand. The pet industry is also at an all-time high as people are depending on the companionship of pets more than ever before.

While no formal certification is required to train dogs, the company you represent can make all the difference between building a solid reputation and being seen as incompetent. That's what makes Dog Training Elite such an excellent choice if you're thinking about investing in a pet franchise. With or without previous experience, those interested in a dog training career can learn our proven method through extensive classroom and onsite instruction.

For over four decades, Founder John Mestas has been successfully training dogs. For almost a decade now, Dog Training Elite has been making use of John's extensive experience in this industry. Taking advantage of his vast knowledge and representing a strong brand through our pet franchise is the perfect way to build a strong career.

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Our Services

7 Elite Training Services
1 Unique Dog Training Franchise Opportunity
Dog Training Elite offers a variety of training services for standard and advanced obedience training needs:

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Obedience Training

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Puppy Services

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Service Dog Training

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Personal Protection Training

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Anxiety and Aggression Training

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Service Dogs for Military/Retired Veterans

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Therapy Animal Training

4 Reasons to Be a Dog Trainer

If you're looking for a pet business for sale that will allow you to be a professional dog trainer, you've made a great choice! Not only will you be investing in a $73 billion industry, there are many perks to working in this field.

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Something New Every Day

In this line of work, you're always working with new clients, new dogs, in new places. This is one type of employment that never gets old.

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Don't Quit Your Day Job

To get started, you may wish to keep your current employment in place while training dogs in the evenings or on weekends until you've built up a strong enough clientele to do it full-time.

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Enjoy Independence

When you own a Dog Training Elite, you get to choose how busy you are. While you'll enjoy tons of support from the executive team, you'll be working on your own or can choose to hire a trainer.

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Make a Big Difference

Being able to train dogs is a specialty service that can make a huge difference in the pet owner's quality of life. Teaching them how to engage with and take advantage of their pets so they can enjoy that relationship is highly satisfying work.

Being able to monetize your love of dogs by helping pet owners puts you in a unique niche that has incredible value. With no real estate to purchase or lease, investment costs are reasonably low, starting at just $82,800* .

This is one pet business for sale you don't want to pass up. Reach out today.

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