We have developed training programs that follow social distancing practices.

$150 for a 90-minute Puppy Evaluation

Dog Training Elite Denver offers a more in-depth puppy evaluation for puppies 5 months and younger. A professional dog trainer in Denver will come to your home and provide training basics, free samples, materials, and comprehensive information. At the end of the 90-minute session evaluation, we will demonstrate one of our fully trained dogs that have completed the Dog Training Elite program.

This evaluation is perfect for new puppy owners who are unsure about training their puppy themselves and are interested in personalized puppy training with a professional trainer's help. We want to give you the tools to properly train your puppy and set you on the right path to sustained obedience. If you decide to sign up for one of our training packages, the evaluation fee goes towards a package within 30 days of signing up.

  • In-Home Evaluation
  • Basic Training Skills
  • Free Samples
  • Training Information Materials
  • In-Depth Personalized Session
  • Demonstration with a Fully Trained DTE Dog

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***$150 90-Minute Session***

Positive, balanced puppy training!

Dog Training Elite Denver has developed a highly successful and unique positive dog training program that empowers dog owners and their canines to work together, creating strong bonds and sustained obedience. Training takes time, commitment and balance. Dog Training Elite Denver is different from other training programs, we will be there every step of the way, to help you and your dog achieve sustained, deep-rooted obedience.

Dog Training Classes Denver

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Puppy Training

Our Denver, Lakewood, Centennial, and Westminster dog trainers begin working with puppies as young as 8 weeks old. We will even help you select a puppy from a litter that possesses a desirable and teachable temperament.

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Service Dog Training

Dog Training Elite Denver has a variety of service dog training packages, all of which are highly personalized to the individual seeking assistance.

Service Dog Training

Teachers & Educators

As former educators, we understand the important role that teachers and educators play in our communities. Dog Training Elite Denver offers a 10% discount to members of the education community.

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Anxiety & Aggression Training

One of the most difficult, necessary and rewarding behaviors to correct in a dog is anxiety and aggression. Our Denver, Lakewood, Centennial, and Westminster dog trainers specialize in proper dog training techniques that help correct a dog's anxiety and aggressive behaviors.

Anxiety / Aggression Training

Military / Retired Veterans

Dog Training Elite Denver believes strongly in the healing power of service dogs for retired military veterans, and we donate our time and passion to training service dogs for the Malinois Foundation. We also offer a 10% discount to active and retired service members.

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Therapy Animal Training

A Dog Training Elite Denver facility therapy dog is highly trained to have a positive impact on the health and well being of both individuals and community health.

Therapy Animal Program

Once you and your dog have basic commands in place (meaning your dog will successfully come, sit, stay and obey other basic commands), they are invited to join us for additional training that is highly valuable in further building upon already learned techniques. Our dog training classes in Denver are designed to place yourself and your dog in public places (surrounded by other dogs, people, smells, and sounds), so that you can train your dog to obey you... regardless of the many distractions screaming for their attention!

Dog Training Classes Denver

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