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Bonding with Your New Puppy

Post by: Amber on Aug 29 2017

Bringing home a new puppy isn’t all fun and games. It takes hard work and commitment to build a strong, solid bond between you and your dog that will last all your lives. Here are some ways you can strengthen your relationship with your new puppy.

 Spend One-On-One Time Together

The best way to establish a strong bond with your new best friend is to spend time together. Fully invested, one-on-one bonding time. This can include play time at the park, a nice long walk, a training session, or just sitting down and giving them a good belly rub.

 Build Good Communication

You may not be able to talk with dogs the way you would with humans, but that doesn’t mean you don’t communicate with each other. Establish good communication and gain your dog’s trust early on with consistent training in hand signals and commands. Try to use visual signs more often than vocal commands, as they’re a bit easier for your pup to understand. Relationships mean a sense of understanding on both sides though, so make sure you’re familiar with their forms of communication as well. Pay attention to their body language and when they’re trying to get your attention.

 Play with Them

All work and no play has just as much of an effect on dogs as it does on humans. Dogs love to have fun, and playing with them is a great opportunity for bonding. Play interactive games with them like fetch or tug-of-war to stimulate their minds and establish some leadership on your part.

 Be Familiar with What Your Dog Likes and Dislikes

Every dog has likes and dislikes, just like humans. Make sure you know what these preferences so you know what kind of social situations make your dog uncomfortable and what kind of affection they respond the best to. Paying attention to your dog’s personality shows them that they can trust you and strengthens your bond.

 Be Firm, but Not Too Firm

Your dog needs discipline in the early stages of training to cement good behavior patterns. If you’re too soft with them, they’ll never learn right from wrong and will be unruly. Be firm with them while training, even when you’d rather snuggle and play with them. On the other hand, be conscious that you’re not being too hard on your pup.

 Establish Trust

Don’t be a helicopter parent. It’s important to keep a close eye on your pup as they learn the ropes, but being overprotective and smothering will only be damaging to them. The relationship between you and your dog should be cemented in mutual trust and respect. Give your puppy the freedom to safely explore their surroundings and socialize with people and other puppies. This will help them grow up to be a happy, social and well-adjusted dog.

Bonding with your dog early on is essential to establishing a lasting relationship. With these steps and a loving hand, you and your new pup will be best friends forever in no time.

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