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Camping With Your Canine

Post by: Amber on Jul 13 2017

Camping With Your Canine

It’s often that we include our dogs in the outdoor activities planned for the family, and camping trips seem to be at the top of the list. As fun as it can be for your dog to come along, it’s important to understand and remember the differences between dogs and humans. For us, a simple exploration of nature can come easy, and non-threatening, while our dogs are with us, at a much greater risk.

 Keep Your Canine Cool

It's obviously important to keep everyone hydrated, but it’s not wise to load your dog up on a lot of water, and immediately take him for a run. Water alone doesn’t cool a dog down. Down time helps in cooling a dog down to a safe level. It’s best to make your pet as comfortable as possible, so by bringing the dog’s bed, along with its favorite toy. This will help the dog adjust to its surroundings.

 Keep Your Pup Safe

Include the appropriate antidote for your dogs to help keep the ticks off, just like you would yourself. ***FOX TAIL IS HIGH RIGHT NOW, & IS DEADLY TO DOGS!!!*** be sure to not allow your dog the freedom to wander on its own or off trail. It’s important to not leave your dog’s left over food out, for it will attract animals that will be a danger to not only you, but your dog as well. Remember, it’s a dog’s instinct to go after an animal. Keep your dog on a leash while airing the dog, and while you are posted up at your campsite. Keeping your dog leashed is important, but it’s best to keep your dog leashed up as far away from any camp fire as possible.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy family vacations with your pet, as long as you always remember that there are lifesaving differences between us and them. Enjoy this weather while it lasts, and remember to always take the extra time to give your dog extra time to rest!

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